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My name is Shanna and I've worked as a Counsellor for many years in the Bury, Bolton and surrounding areas. I work with adults and young people offering Counselling, Individual Addiction Programmes and also Reiki Healing in Tottington, located between Bolton and Bury.

Throughout our lifetime we will face many challenges, some that can leave us struggling to overcome and deal with, which can stop us from moving forward with our lives. Now feels more important to find a sense of certainty during these unprecedented times, which can have a huge impact on our anxiety, depression, and thoughts.

I have taken the appropriate steps to move back to face-to-face sessions with my clients at my practice in Bury, please do not hesitate to ask me about-face to face sessions alongside over the phone and online sessions suitable to you.

"It's only when you've stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform." ~ Roy T Bennett

How I work

Life is based on relationships, how we connect with everybody around us, and our relationships with ourselves. You may find that you are struggling with your personal relationships, addictions, or any form of thoughts and behaviours that you find hard to deal with alone.

The basis of the way I work with my clients, is that I believe when we experience unease and stress, it requires time and patience to discover more of who we are. We do this by identifying what led to your problems and struggles, as well finding different strategies to help you tackle everyday issues in a more positive mindset. This is done by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself whilst having the support to do so safely. I believe this gives us the foundations to grow and bring about positive changes.

In our therapy sessions, we explore what the underlying issues are and any possible traumas that may have happened, progressing on from there to create a lasting and positive change within your life. I use an Integrative theoretical approach tailored to meet your personal needs and requirements. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself by giving you the awareness you need to live a happier and fulfilled life.

I offer both short-term and long-term counselling. Confidentiality, respect, and a non-judgemental attitude are paramount to the service that I provide.

What areas do I work with

I offer counselling sessions for a range of psychological problems, ranging from addiction problems, behavioural problems, stress, anxiety disorders, isolation and loneliness, low self-esteem, confidence issues, anger issues, domestic abuse, and mental health and ADHD.

As well as working online and over the phone, face to face sessions are offered in a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment at my home. If you would like to see a counsellor in Tottington, Bury then please contact me using the contact form.

"From my first session with Shanna I felt comfortable talking to her and letting her into my life. I know that when I visit her I am entering into a non-judgemental space. She has a warm air about her and has given me excellent perspective, techniques and 'homework'(reading, exercises etc) that has been instrumental in allowing me to work through past and present issues. My counselling experience with Shanna has given me a more confident and positive approach to life and therefore, I couldn't recommend her highly enough!" - Confidential client

"Shanna is a very professional, personable and diligent therapist. This was my first experience of undertaking counselling, and to say I was apprehensive initially is an understatement. Yet, from the first phone call I knew I was in kind and considerate hands. Her sessions are underpinned with empathy, attentiveness and patience, and she really helps you to feel comfortable and secure enough to express your thoughts without the fear of judgement. Strongly recommended for emotional support at all age groups" - Confidential client

Individual Addiction Treatment Programme

The individual addiction treatment programme, is tailored to help you gain abstinence or control from substances and is also aimed at helping you make changes to other addictive behaviours.

The programme aims at treating the symptoms of addiction, as well as addressing the underlying causes.

To read more about the programme visit the Individual addiction treatment programme page

If you are looking for addiction counselling in the Bolton or Bury area please contact me.

Reiki - Bury

Reiki is powerful healing tool that involves a hands on healing technique by using universal energies. It helps the mind and body to relax whilst clearing away any blockages to your energy field, that has left you feeling exhausted.

The word Reiki originates from Japan which means Universal Life Energies.

If you are looking for reiki sessions in the Bury area then please contact me to make a booking.

To read more visit the Reiki page

Counsellor and Reiki practioner Tottington, Bury


If you would like to book an appointment for a session, please ring 07961540622 or CLICK HERE to send me an email.

My Location

My practice is based in Tottington Bury, and can be easily accessed from Bury Town Centre and Bolton Centre. It is approximately 3.4 miles from Bury bus station and 6.8 miles from Bolton Interchange.

The 469 from Bury will take you to Tottington Village and the 480 from Bolton also stops in Tottington. It is a 5 minute walk from the bus terminus to my practice.

"I came to Shanna for my first ever session of Reiki, I came out feeling so much more positive and uplifted. Shanna made me feel welcome and made sure that I was comfortable throughout my treatment. I would highly recommend! amazing treatment and service" - Kim

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"I came to Shanna for Reiki, Having had reiki before from elsewhere, I found this Reiki session to be relaxing and felt lighter afterwards." Dani-

"A few weeks ago I reached out to this lady. She's an amazing counsellor, reiki healer and she has a natural gift of healing people. I was tired of suffering silently and afraid to speak anyone about how I feel...yet she has helped me so much in a short time. I cannot recommend enough, anyone who is really struggling with life and mindfulness to reach out to her and allow her to help heal you"~ Chris

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